The Code of Life



Health Restored through the restoration of the Digestive Tract and Immune System

1. When healthy and functioning properly, the Digestive Tract supplies the estimated thirteen trillion cells of the body with the components they require to perform every physiologic function throughout the body.

When the digestive tract is diseased or malfunctioning, the entire body suffers the effects of cellular damage and subsequently premature aging. Skin and muscle tone diminish, bones and joints weaken, vision deteriorates, the immune system struggles, and disease receives an open door to attack any and all bodily systems.

Restoring health to the digestive tract is the first step needed to restore health to the entire body.

2. The immune system is a complex network of organs containing cells designed to recognize foreign substances within the body and destroy them. The immune system protects us against pathogens or infectious agents such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. The human immune system is the most complex and widely distributed system.

The immune system is responsible for protecting us from disease. It is of such fundamental importance to our health that it will attempt to continue to function even after most other systems have failed and it will even break down other tissues to maintain its functions.

The Digestive Tract feeds and strengthens The Immune System while The Immune System regulates proper digestive function. These systems are synergistically intertwined, one reliant upon the health of the other and both must be in perfect balance for optimum health to be present.

3. In addition, Cellular Communication is essential for virtually every important function in the body. How does the stomach know when and how much acid and digestive enzymes to produce? How do the killer cells of the immune system recognize your own healthy tissues from foreign invaders such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, or other disease-causing pathogens? How do our killer immune cells recognize a healthy cell from a diseased one such as a cancer cell?

One  of  the  main  active  ingredients  in  Digestacure®, the long chain polymannan molecule, (one million plus Daltons in length), has been demonstrated scientifically to accomplish all three of these feats, in addition to helping produce literally hundreds of other healthy healing functions throughout the body. (see reference material, pages 175 to 200,

The long chain polymannan molecule is so important to the overall health of the human being, that humans have evolved with special receptor sites within the digestive tract, specifically designed to receive this unique molecule, and then pass it into the bloodstream without breakage. This process is known as endocytosis.

In other words, the body is metaphorically crying out for this natural polymannan molecule, with special receptor sites lying in wait for its arrival. Thus the design of the human body in itself, is telling us just how important the ingestion of this unique molecule is, for overall health.

These molecules are either essential components of, directly or indirectly control, regulate, or influence the vital processes of digestion, reproduction, healing, immunity, cellular and tissue repair. They are critical to virtually every cell, tissue, and organ within our body. They are classified as a natural food substance and produce no negative side effects.